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Interior and Décor Advice

It is a privilege to live and work in a beautiful space.  Our years in the industry taught us to carefully read and truely understand the wishes, likes and requirements of our clients.  We are able to provide on-the-spot décor advice to our clients to help them fulfil their dreams and get the most out of the environment they live and work in.

Interior Décor Designs

We have been involved in various successful interior décor design projects in the hospitality industry as well as in the domestic market throughout Namibia. Our design philosophy is based on functionality, aesthetics and affordability in equal proportions.   We work closely with our clients in order to include their tastes, likes and dislikes into their budgets.  It is important for us that our clients should feel that their project reflects their individuality.

Interior Layout Designs

Layout design contributes to fuctionality and the flow of space.  The correct placement of bespoke furniture optimizes space.  We do 3-D layout designs to create the most functional use of space and to assist our clients to envision the end result, including look and feel of the area.  We also work with Architects in this regard.  

Product Sourcing

We do sourcing of exclusive non-stock items and specialized products that clients may need in a project - from curtaining to bespoke and designer furniture.  Our well established connections with various suppliers, manufacturers and transporters make this easy and hassle free.

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