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Duvet & Pillow Inners

We are the Namibian Agent for Lifson Products.  The Duvet and Pillow Inners we supply are all about luxury, comfort, quality and affordability.  Lifson Products specialises in authentic down and feather duvets and pillows as well as down alternative duvets and pillows.  All their products are made using ethically sourced raw materials (ESRM) and they are the only South African manufacturer that complies with the very strict rules, standards and guidelines regarding the harvesting, processing, sterilization, de-dusting and grading of down and feather products of The European Down and Feather Association (EDFA).  Their products also comply with the OEKO-TEX Standards, meaning that all fabrics used are free from harmful chemicals. 

Down & Feather Duvet & Pillow Inners

All our Down & Feather duvets and pillows are encased in durable, 100% Cotton Downproof fabric, which house dust mites cannot penetrate.  As a result house dust mites cannot cause allergic reactions.


  • Filling is washed, sterilized, dedusted and graded to EDFA standards including EN12934, EN12935, EN12130, EN1164

  • Safe for house dust mite allergy sufferers

  • Anti-Allergenic

  • Made using ethically sourced raw materials – ESRM

  • Fully traceable raw materials

  • All Casings comply with OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100

Fine Fibre Duvet & Pillow Inners

Certain individuals have allergic reactions to Down and Feather products.  Fortunately Lifson Products manufactures alternative products that are allergy-free, such as Fine Fibre. 


Fine Fibre, aslo called 'Mock Down', is our Down Alternative range that has the texture of soft Goose down.  The duvets and pillows made from Fine Fibre are light, soft and luxuriously comfortable.  Like down, these products mould and conform to your body shape. 

The Fine Fibre filling used in this range is engineered in Italy and available exclusively from Lifson Products.  The 'light as air' duvets provide ‘warmth without weight’, which is the mark of a quality duvet, with a high quality filling.


The Fine Fibre range is encased in durable, 100% Cotton Downproof fabric, which house dust mites cannot penetrate and cause allergic reactions.  This product can also be washed and tumble dried (at low temperatures only). 

Summer Duvet Inners

Namibia is well known for its hot weather in general, and a cool and breathable summer duvet inner is always welcome.  We now supply thin Summer Duvet Inner options with New Generation Fibre filling.  These duvets can be used all year round and for all seasons, controlling temperatue optimally. They are machine washable (low temperature) and the casings are made from 100% Cotton. 

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